Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Wrong Department

I had an interview at a company located out in the suburbs. It was a huge, modern single-story building on a very beautiful campus. Huge green lawns, walkways, and a fountain. Really beautiful.

I was in my best suit and tie, very professional, and introduced myself to the receptionist in the lobby. I told her I was meeting Mrs. Smith [not a real name -ed] in the I.T. department.

I sat and waited.  And waited. And waited. Well past my interview meeting scheduled time.

Just as I was about to check with the receptionist again, a man walked in to get me. He wasn't wearing a suit, and looked like he was the building engineer.

I remember he said, "A little overdressed, aren't you?" and I thought he was being sarcastic, so I chuckled at the comment.

I should have known better.  After a very long walk across the whole building, we get to his office. It's a desk sitting in a huge garage that smelled pleasantly of fresh-cut grass and gasoline. Turns out he was the building engineer!  He was expecting to interview a candidate that day for his department as well.

Once we worked it out, he took me back to the main lobby.

The receptionist told me "You said you were here for 'facilities'."  I didn't argue, or point out that the fellow I'd just met had a different name than the one I'd given when I arrived.  She finally called the right person over in I.T.

When I did get to the I.T. department, they chided me for being late to an interview. I did explain that I had arrived early but was sent to the wrong department. They didn't believe it, figuring I'd screwed up somewhere and not them.

The ended up offering me a position, but I turned it down. I got a bad feeling from their blame-game at the interview.

Well, 'facilities', 'I.T.', say them both a few times and a lawnmower starts to look like a laptop I guess....

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